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Improving habits of mind and habits of systems to create equity is a never-ending journey! A journey filled with twists and turns, mistakes and discoveries, and hopefully authentic relationships. Our blog Voyage East is a vulnerable documentation of the questions, challenges, successes and learnings along the way as we teach, lead, learn and partner while advancing educational equity.

This journey is both an individual and collective endeavor; we invite guest contributions to the blog. Please review our online post filters and complete our contact form with your submission ideas.


Trading Baby Steps for Big Equity Leaps


Recognizing and Addressing Harmful Language Part 2: The School Edition

Vision Image 1

Setting the Vision and Creating Accountability: Guiding our Schools with Equity Visioning

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Facilitating Through Resistance, Part 2

Coaching blog pic

The Answers Are Outside of Us: Effective Coaching for Educational Equity

Broken Ornament

It’s That Time of Year Again! Focusing Equity within Holiday Celebrations at School

BlogPic Peer Convo

Conversations with Colleagues: Calling Out Inequities

Essential And Urgent

Essential and Urgent: Teaching White Students About Race and Racism


Andragogy in Facilitation of Equity and Anti-racism Professional Development

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Schools Commit Spirit Murder Against Black Children


Equity and Justice: Facilitating Groups Through Resistance


The Royals Music Chamber


Racial and Restorative Justice: Considerations for Circle Keepers in Schools


Recognizing and Addressing Harmful Language


Sunday Morning Reflection


Virtual Learning Take Two: Remembering Relationships and Fostering Equity


Honoring Joy in Anti-Racism Curriculum Reform


Schools are on Summer Break… Racism is Not