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Improving habits of mind and habits of systems to create equity is a never-ending journey! A journey filled with twists and turns, mistakes and discoveries, and hopefully authentic relationships. Our blog Voyage East is a vulnerable documentation of the questions, challenges, successes and learnings along the way as we teach, lead, learn and partner while advancing educational equity.

Schools are Also Complicit in Police Violence. We Must do Better.

By Marceline Dubose · June 7, 2020

A local school district’s response to police brutality and public demands for justice is critical. Schools are centers for thought, information, and community building. On the topics of policing and legal system justice, schools have a particularly pivotal role to play. For many of our students their first encounters with systemic authority and “policing” comes in school in the form of student discipline policies and practices. First experiences may come as early as elementary school, often as a result of adult responses to or discomfort with student behaviors in the classroom. Policing students comes from teachers, principals, counselors, and other adults with whom students are intimately connected and reliant upon for their education. Sadly, in my work with districts that are trying to become more equitable I have seen many persistent inequities. Inequities in all facets of the school day, but particularly in student discipline. All too often student experiences of policing and discipline in school mirror the racial inequities, disregard, and harm that we see within the larger societal policing and justice systems. Sometimes school discipline and policing lead a student directly into the web of the legal system. School discipline data consistently show disproportionately punitive and sometimes aggressive consequences for black and brown students in comparison to white students. This is unacceptable. Black Students’ Lives Matter.

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