Maria Le: Lead Equity Specialist

Maria Le has 14 years of experience in education. She has worked in schools K-12 in both general education and special education. Maria has a MEd in Elementary Education and Teaching from the University of Minnesota. She is currently working on a PhD in Education Policy and Leadership also at the University of Minnesota. Maria is an active advocate and teacher leader in the area of educational equity at the local, state, and national levels. She leads staff development in both reading language arts (RLA) and culturally responsive teaching (CRT) for her district and in other educational settings. She is a leader of the MN Pan-Asian Educators Forum and involved with the Coalition to Increase Educators of Color and American Indian Educators. Maria also sits on the Human Rights Committee with the American Federation of Teachers. Maria teaches graduate level courses at St. Mary’s University of Minnesota to new and experienced educators. Her core values in providing an equitable education to all students include building an inclusive learning community, amplifying student and teacher voice in decision making (specifically in policy), creative family involvement, community partnerships, and transforming curriculum and practices so that students see themselves in their education. She lives and breathes these values in both her personal and professional life.