Charity Przepiora: Lead Equity Specialist

Charity Przepiora has had a rare career so far, as she’s been teaching at the same public high school for the entirety of her 20 years in education. She earned National Board Certification in 2010 and re-certified in 2019, which she considers some of the best professional development she’s ever had. She facilitates and helps develop cultural relevance with staff and consistently seeks out the same from her students. In 2017, she was named one of the Minnesota Teacher of the Year finalists, putting her in the top 10 teachers in the state which currently has over 55,000 licensed educators. Charity loves creating social justice-based curriculum with student direction and collaboration, finding the most outdated memes to annoy 10th graders with, and is always working toward equity and engagement in the classroom and the greater world as a whole. And as a sassy high school teacher herself, she understands that teachers can be the toughest crowds around, but also the ones capable of great change and growth.