Ann Hite: Lead Equity Specialist

Ann Hite worked in middle level public education for 32 years, first as a World Languages and Cultures teacher and then as a Restorative Practices coach and circle keeper. Teaching 7th and 8th graders about cultural difference is part of what led to her desire to study implicit bias and educational inequity. Participation in an action research project, in which she and colleagues examined the connection between teacher equity consciousness and the implementation of culturally responsive teaching strategies, made an essential impact in her professional practice. Ann’s leadership in educational equity includes training with the National Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity (SEED) Project, work as a SEED co-facilitator and peer coach, facilitation of professional development for Culturally Responsive and Competent Teaching, and participation in equity coaching training with the Equity Collaborative. In her post-retirement pursuits, she is involved in projects that work to create policy that would extend advantages to those who have historically been disadvantaged by our systems. She is convinced that we need to be purposeful and get committed to listening to each other’s stories in order to make these policy changes truly sustainable.