Are all students finding academic success and belonging in our schools?

Are there patterns (by race, gender, abilities, language, socio-economic status, etc.) that reliably predict which students are having success and belonging in our schools and those who are not?

How can we ensure educational Equity; academic success and belonging for each and every student?

Due East Educational Equity Collaborative believes that to create more equity in our schools, which are consistently and predictably inequitable, we must refocus our work on the deep purposes of education. We must ground ourselves in the following truths:

  • education is fundamentally relational,
  • each educator and learner bring essential creativity and inquiry to the learning process, and
  • the function of education is to create a more expansive and safe human existence for individuals and society.

Why “Due East”?

The direction east is associated with the beginning of the day, antiquity, or origins. To head due east would therefore be to head toward the foundation, the source. Expanding and solidifying educational equity requires engaging and supporting the sources and purpose of education.

Students… Educators… Families… Communities

Inquiry… Growth… Safety… Creativity

Due East Educational Equity Collaborative partners with education systems and education professionals to expand equity. We partner to expand academic success and belonging, for each and every student, for all that they need and bring, with all that we have.